DOTA Diary: Day 0



I’ve played quite a bit of DOTA already but have a pretty appalling win/lose ratio at the moment. The last online game I played I received a lot of grief for from another pleasure on the team, I went on to easily have the best kill/death ratio on the team but this was spoilt for me by the bitter taste that was left by the abuse I had been given by the other player.
Frustrating as I’m sure it is to have newer players on your team I do wish I was offered some help rather than abuse. I was told that everything that I did was wrong, yet offered no clues as to what would be the right thing to do and then I went on to be the best performing player on the team.

Following this game I decided to play some games against some bots. The bot games have proven to be a great way of trying out new characters but offer little challenge.

I am now feeling ready to start competing in online games again and figure creating a DOTA Diary is a good way for me to attempt to improve my game and my win/lose ratio.


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