Review: How to train your Dragon 2


Short review: Awesome fun.

2 year old review: Dragons ROAR!


Slightly longer review: I absolutely loved the first How to train your Dragon and found myself excited and nervous going to see the sequel. The first took the original book’s ideas, totally flipped them all on their head and made a film that was fun, heartfelt and totally different from the source material.

This film takes all of the ideas from the first and does a wonderful job of building upon then and mixing in a few new ones.

The biggest difference for me seeing this film was that I went to see the first one just with my wife whereas the sequel we went to see with our two girls. Artemis slept through the whole film and Ophelia was completely gripped by it from start to finish, occasionally yelling ROAR at the screen and at times turning to the people say behind us to announce DRAGONS whilst pointing at the screen.

We all loved it.


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