Tangled drawing


The girls are out for a few hours this morning so I thought I’d have a bit of quiet time and draw this from Tangled for O, it’s her favourite at the moment.

She saw me drawing it earlier and really wanted to sit on my lap and watch, which didn’t really work out as I couldn’t see the paper!

tangled drawing sketch


DOTA Diary: Day 1


Tonight I bravely had another go at playing DOTA 2 online following a lot of games against bots.  I really didn’t expect much as I still felt grossly unprepared for the chaos that any DOTA game can bring but as hopefully you can see from the score tables below I was able to get in a couple of wins.

It may well be cheeky but these (unfortunately) were not the only games that I played this evening, but as is my nature I’m going to focus on the positives – the victories.

Both Death Prophet and Lich seemed to suit my play style.  In particular I had a lot of fun using Lich’s ultimate to take down large groups of the opposing team all at once, or at least push them back down there lane.  I’ve been on the receiving end of it a number of times and know the whole team panic, desperately trying to split up to lessen it’s effects.

I’ve still got a long way to go to continue to improve my kill/death and my win/lose ratios.  I seemed to get killed a hell of a lot!  I often come away feeling like the opposing team is picking on me.  I guess I better get some more bot games in and then prepare for some online shenanigans again sometime soon.dota1.1 dota1.2

The Prodigal Cat Returns


Below are photos of our cat, Boris (female, don’t ask). She left us shortly after O was born.

Around Christmas 2012 we received a phonecall from a local cat shelter saying that they had been contacted by an elderly gentleman locally who had befriended our cat. They painted a picture of a lovely individual who had found company and friendship during the festive season from our friend Boris so we agreed to allow her to stay.

The following year we had several visits from Boris but as of lunchtime today it had probably been 6 months since we had seen her. Just this weekend we had lamented the loss of her and how O would now really appreciate hey visits now.

We just got home this afternoon to find her on the patio waiting for us. O was very, very excited and can still be heard saying “Bowis, Bowis” around the house.





Incidentally we had just got home from seeing this…


Maybe it’s scent was still lingering on O.

DOTA Diary: Day 0



I’ve played quite a bit of DOTA already but have a pretty appalling win/lose ratio at the moment. The last online game I played I received a lot of grief for from another pleasure on the team, I went on to easily have the best kill/death ratio on the team but this was spoilt for me by the bitter taste that was left by the abuse I had been given by the other player.
Frustrating as I’m sure it is to have newer players on your team I do wish I was offered some help rather than abuse. I was told that everything that I did was wrong, yet offered no clues as to what would be the right thing to do and then I went on to be the best performing player on the team.

Following this game I decided to play some games against some bots. The bot games have proven to be a great way of trying out new characters but offer little challenge.

I am now feeling ready to start competing in online games again and figure creating a DOTA Diary is a good way for me to attempt to improve my game and my win/lose ratio.

Review: How to train your Dragon 2


Short review: Awesome fun.

2 year old review: Dragons ROAR!


Slightly longer review: I absolutely loved the first How to train your Dragon and found myself excited and nervous going to see the sequel. The first took the original book’s ideas, totally flipped them all on their head and made a film that was fun, heartfelt and totally different from the source material.

This film takes all of the ideas from the first and does a wonderful job of building upon then and mixing in a few new ones.

The biggest difference for me seeing this film was that I went to see the first one just with my wife whereas the sequel we went to see with our two girls. Artemis slept through the whole film and Ophelia was completely gripped by it from start to finish, occasionally yelling ROAR at the screen and at times turning to the people say behind us to announce DRAGONS whilst pointing at the screen.

We all loved it.